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Owner, Elisabeth Landry is best known for her original and creative ideas, her unusual décor accents and her exquisite attention to every last detail. Her contagious personality and calm manner help her clients relax as she creates unique parties of their dreams. These qualities have made her the top event planner for brides, charities and high profile corporations. 


Design is a crutial part of the event process, and also happens to be a passion of ours. We can design anything from a custom paper wall, ceremony backdrop, custom lettering, custom hanging items... If we can dream it, we can create it!


Elisabeth has been in the event industry for over 10 years, and opened Silver Lining Events + Co. in 2013. When she is not working, She enjoys being a momma to her son Mason, hosting dinner parties for friends and family, learning and expanding her knowledge on her crafts, or building a yummy cheese board to share. She values her friendships, has a passion for encouraging others and being a breath of fresh air with her contagious personality. She recently picked up baking - and has more of an appreciation for wedding cakes than ever before. Swiss Merengue Buttercream is hard to make! 

Nothing could be completed without our amazing planners: Mayra, Emma and Norma! 



Elisabeth Landry, CWP

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